31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 2- 20 things about Me!

Day 2, blog challenge is to list 20 things about me!

  1. I love the hustle, Constantly thinking of ways to improve myself and make life better for my family.
  2. I am currently enrolled in a Dual Masters program, its an MBA/MSN degree. I seriously had no idea what I was thinking when I signed up.
  3. My daughter is a horrible asthmatic when the weather changes or she gets a cold.
  4. I recently verbally accepted a new position with a brand new beautiful hospital in San Diego…. Shhhh  no one knows yet.
  5. I just joined a fitness challenge that starts monday! so make sure to hold me accountable and cheer me on
  6.  I love my job. I recently was trained to be a charge nurse. This position has taught me so much in the last month.
  7. We have outgrown our shoe box and dream daily of our new house.
  8. I hate competition and i hate people who try to show off or compete with me. Were all in this together, how about we encourage and support eachother.
  9. I hate parents who think car seats arent cool. Put your kid in a dam car seat.
  10. I love to hear birth stories! Its my passion, I love what I do and I love to replay mine over and over.
  11. I am obsessed with ESSENTIAL OILS. I have an oil for everything under the sun. Check out my @oilyobsessedbabes page on instagram.
  12. I drink Shakeology like water.
  13. I hate people who snapchat every minute of their day or every minute of them partying or having dinner. PUT THE DAM PHONE DOWN… i promise you wont die. Enjoy the moment. I m starting to think I hate social media… Does having a blog count?
  14. Leave your birth plan at home… It fails every time
  15. I love all things pink
  16. Mani/pedis are a regligious need every two weeks.
  17.  I love god for everything he has created.
  18. I hate guns
  19.  Love me a good book. Let me know your faves!
  20. My sister slangs Lularoe!