31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 2- 20 things about Me!

Day 2, blog challenge is to list 20 things about me!

  1. I love the hustle, Constantly thinking of ways to improve myself and make life better for my family.
  2. I am currently enrolled in a Dual Masters program, its an MBA/MSN degree. I seriously had no idea what I was thinking when I signed up.
  3. My daughter is a horrible asthmatic when the weather changes or she gets a cold.
  4. I recently verbally accepted a new position with a brand new beautiful hospital in San Diego…. Shhhh  no one knows yet.
  5. I just joined a fitness challenge that starts monday! so make sure to hold me accountable and cheer me on
  6.  I love my job. I recently was trained to be a charge nurse. This position has taught me so much in the last month.
  7. We have outgrown our shoe box and dream daily of our new house.
  8. I hate competition and i hate people who try to show off or compete with me. Were all in this together, how about we encourage and support eachother.
  9. I hate parents who think car seats arent cool. Put your kid in a dam car seat.
  10. I love to hear birth stories! Its my passion, I love what I do and I love to replay mine over and over.
  11. I am obsessed with ESSENTIAL OILS. I have an oil for everything under the sun. Check out my @oilyobsessedbabes page on instagram.
  12. I drink Shakeology like water.
  13. I hate people who snapchat every minute of their day or every minute of them partying or having dinner. PUT THE DAM PHONE DOWN… i promise you wont die. Enjoy the moment. I m starting to think I hate social media… Does having a blog count?
  14. Leave your birth plan at home… It fails every time
  15. I love all things pink
  16. Mani/pedis are a regligious need every two weeks.
  17.  I love god for everything he has created.
  18. I hate guns
  19.  Love me a good book. Let me know your faves!
  20. My sister slangs Lularoe!
31 Day Blog Challenge

Day 1- All about B!

Hello World, B here. So I am finally able to catch a quick second to devote to my writing. I am challenging myself to the 31 day blog challenge. Today you will get two blog post!

So the first post is an Introduction to ME!

Where do I begin?

I am a southern California girl, born and raised in San Diego! I am married to my better half it will be three years on the 28th! We have two beautiful little babes. A 4yr old girl named Sophia and a 20 month old handsome Little Marc. We have a wild Boxer who just turned one named Lola.

Our current mission is to buy our first house in the next 6 months. I have a serious problem with shopping so that has been a bit challenging, but I am learning to budget and spend wisely. We currently live next door to my parents which is their rental and which is totally convenient. Will definitely miss that when we move.

At night I get to dress up as a Labor and Delivery Nurse and work at one of the top hospitals in Sa Diego. I love babies and everytime I go to work I want another one!!

Our little family of 4 loves to travel, be out in the streets and eat delicious food. And My husband and I are micro beer lovers to the fullest!!!

Dont want to make this to long, because pretty sure along the way you will get to learn more about me!!

xoxo- B