Dear Mr. Dwayne Whitaker and Mark Warner

Hello World! I thought I would take the time to write about my experience with phone calls pretending to be lawyers wanting to take your money. It’s so important to inform so many people as possible so that we can all spread the word and help put an end to these scammers.

At the end of December, I get a text message from my sister stating she had been getting these phone calls on her house phone from a Mark Warner. He informed her he was calling for me and used my maiden name. He called her several times stating he needed to get a very important message to me. At the time she was telling me this I got a phone call from an unknown number and it was Mr. Warner. Stating on my voicemail that I need to contact him by today or else there would be certified court papers left at my home or place of employment.

I called him and asked where he was calling from and what the reason was for. He asked me to verify my Social Security and Date of Birth, WHICH I DID NOT and hung up. I did nothing about it because this same situation had happened to me last year around the same time.

The following week, I get a text message from my sister-in-law and brother, they also said they had been getting phone calls. By this time I knew it was a scam because my parents were also getting phone calls. I decided to call this Dwayne Whitaker back. I called 1-855-203-4246, a man answers the phone with Litigation Office. I told him I was calling in regards to a message. He asked me to verify and I did not. He then proceeded to get very frustrated and angry. He began to tell me that if I did not comply or pay the amount that I needed to he would prosecute me to the fullest criminal intent. I said ok be my guest. He then escalated to another level and began to cuss at me and said he was on his way to serve me papers to my Fresno, Ca address… I don’t live in Fresno.

I called my local police department, and the kind officer informed me that this has been happening a lot in the community and unfortunately some people fall for this kind of scam. The police officer said it is a huge issue with older people who get scared by these rude callers and give in and give them all their information.

Long story short, be careful to who you give personal information to.

Moral of the Story:

  1. DONT EVERT VERIFY OR GIVE OUT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. These people are phishing. Phishing is when someone calls you and is attempting to get personal information about you. a11
  2. Ask for a written letter to be sent to you, if they are claiming that they have your address.
  3. They are not going to show up to your home address or place of employment.
  4. If someone plans to sue or serve you any type of court documentation they will certainly not call you and ask you for money prior.
  5. Spread the word, as a community we must stop these unmoralized humans trying to rob us of our hard owned money!

Happy Sunday!