Precious Little Lungs

Hello World! It’s been sometime… life with 2 kids, full time career , a husband and full time masters program can get hectic!

Welcome to my Precious Little Lungs Series… our journey as a family with our Little asthmatic.

Well here we are once again at Rady’s Children’s Hospital.

Quick back story, my daughter was diagnosed with Asthma by our pediatrician at 18 months. Prior to changing insurance and finding our Gem of our pediatrician, I had Kaiser insurance and took her in more than three times and every time it was reactive airways.

I ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been admitted and the number of times we probably should have been admitted but I managed to play RT/RN and keep her out of the hospital.

The asthma specialist said she was a rare “one”. She is not your typical asthmatic. No allergies, no eczema and have yet to determine what causes her to go from runny nose to bat crazy retractions. Well we have sort of narrowed it down to colds and weather changes. Living in San Diego our weather is bipolar at times and goes from Hot to rain in a week. I ve noticed every admission it’s always raining or we’ve had some crazy weather shift.

Having an 18 month at home now has definitely made this admission harder. The last time she was admitted the baby was 4 weeks old and both my parents had caught the flu. These admissions tend to get harder. I ve been so use to being at the bedside from admission to discharge that I now have to leave her to go take care of my other little babe.

I pray every night that we grow out of this and we can be normal and not have to worry about her precious little lungs all the time.

Trips to hotel Rady is great reminder that life shouldn’t be taken for granted. It breaks my heart to see my baby hurt. Everytime we are admitted I feel as though I have failed as a mother and a nurse. I really had high hopes that we would stay away during this flu season and we’re two days in and we already have an admission under our belt.

Any of you mamas out there with Precious Little Lungs have any ideas on preventative measures?

In my next Precious Little Lungs post I ll be discussing about the Essential Oils I use daily for her Little Lungs.

Xxoo- B


Eat… Love…Nurse

Hello World!

B here at Eat, Love, Nurse! Welcome Welcome. Do you know that I have had the idea for this blog since the first night at the hospital when my son was born… BACK in February 🙂 Talk about busy life as a Mama of 2, Wife and Full Time Labor and Delivery Nurse. I remember the night as if it was yesterday! I realized, I spend so much time on other people’s blogs, why not start my own! So I took my idea to pinterest of course and did some research and thought what I wanted to talk about. And then it hit me, I ll talk about my adventures in Breastfeeding ( I was nursing my brand new baby boy at the time). Then I realized well, I am not going to be breastfeeding forever, so what else can I talk about… Ahh my adventures as a Labor Nurse ( once again I had just delivered at work with about 15 of my co-workers at my delivery) After that epiphany I realized well hello what about the Eating and CRAFT BEER loving part of my life?? And that my fellow bloggers is how I came up with EAT, LOVE, NURSE.

Xoxo- B