Mission : Slim POSSIBLE

I’ m done. The towel is thrown and I am officially done being over weight.

I am done feeling sorry for myself.

I am done wanting to be a home body and not go anywhere because nothing fits.

I am done hiding from the camera.

I want my health back.

I want to be fit

I want to be able to keep up with my kids and not get tired.

I want to feel amazing and LOOK AMAZING.

I started MISSION: Slim possible last week on monday October 9th. I am challenging myself for 15 weeks to get fit, eat health and love my mama body again.

I could go in to detail and blame me being over weight on a million things. But I am not. Instead I am going to direct that energy to thinking positive thoughts and encouraging myself that yes I can and will succeed!

So this is what Mission: Slim Possible entails.

I will be working out at home using my amazing beachbody on demand.

Drinking Shakeology

And meal planning the heck out of my days! It’s all about portion control!

In order to success you must plan, plan, plan.

” Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Every week I will be posting my meal plan and recipes for the week and Workout calendar.

Measurements and weighing in will take place every Monday!

I will be also make it a goal to drink my body weight in water and walk over 10k steps.

Below are the beach body programs I will follow!

15 weeks

Week 1-2: Clean Week I am doing it twice because I loved it the first week and had zero time to post about it. So let’s repeat! It’s an amazing jump start!

Week 3- 5: 21 Day Fix

Week 6-8: Shift Shop

Week 9-12: core de force

Week 13-15: 21 day extreme.

Throughout my challenge I will have mini challenges.

5 day reset will include meal planning.

2- 3 week challenges that will include meal prep, online coach support, workouts and prize giveaways!!!

I am beyond over the mood excited for this Mission and I can’t wait to weigh in on Monday. I hope you all will encourage me, push me and cheer me on during the next 15 weeks!

If your interested in joining one of my challenges, shoot me a message!!!

Xoxo B

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