Eat… Love…Nurse

Hello World!

B here at Eat, Love, Nurse! Welcome Welcome. Do you know that I have had the idea for this blog since the first night at the hospital when my son was born… BACK in February ๐Ÿ™‚ Talk about busy life as a Mama of 2, Wife and Full Time Labor and Delivery Nurse. I remember the night as if it was yesterday! I realized, I spend so much time on other people’s blogs, why not start my own! So I took my idea to pinterest of course and did some research and thought what I wanted to talk about. And then it hit me, I ll talk about my adventures in Breastfeeding ( I was nursing my brand new baby boy at the time). Then I realized well, I am not going to be breastfeeding forever, so what else can I talk about… Ahh my adventures as a Labor Nurse ( once again I had just delivered at work with about 15 of my co-workers at my delivery) After that epiphany I realized well hello what about the Eating and CRAFT BEER loving part of my life?? And that my fellow bloggers is how I came up with EAT, LOVE, NURSE.

Xoxo- B

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